Still Breathing…

14 Oct

Wow… it’s been awhile.

So for the past couple months I have been slowly adjusting to the new school year with new classes and new teachers. I feel like freshman year didn’t do anything to prepare me for this year… The classes and its workload can be capable of keeping me up all night. Which is why blogging has been shoved to the back of my mind.

A couple notable things have happened to me this school year so far.
        1) A new foreign exchange student from Germany came to our school, and is now one of my best friends:)
        2) Homecoming week is next week (AHH!)
        3) I decided to throw out the whole “song title” thing. It kind of limited my title choice…
        4) Perfect grades are becoming harder and harder to earn
        5) I started a video blog:D

I also have been recently obsessing over photography… My grandfather gave me a new camera (SCORE!!) and I have been finding every kind of excuse to whip it out and test my skills. Of course, I still have much to learn, but I hope it will get better in time:D

Hope everyone has had an amazing schoolyear/workyear so far!!


Pictures of You

14 Aug

My room was in serious need of a little umph.

I had this blank wall right above my keyboard that screamed “empty.” It needed a little personalizing. So I looked in every memory card, folder in my desktop, facebook album and hard drive I can find and put together a bunch of photos of me and the people that are important in my life.

There were about 104 pictures that I got developed for like 10 bucks at Walgreens. I hung all of them on that one wall right above my keyboard.

I LOVE how it turned out!

I look forward to taking a bunch of pictures this upcoming school year with my friends and family to add to my wall. I wonder how long it would take to fill the whole thing?

14 Aug

Love this place:D

You can never be too old to come here.


Material Girl

14 Aug

For some reason, I am experiencing this sudden crave for new clothes. All throughout middle school and half of my freshman year, my main wardrobe consisted of basic graphic tees and jeans. Pretty boring.

But now I want floral shirts and cardigans and thick belts and military jackets. I want ankle boots and dramatic rings and button down shirts and cropped sweaters and scarves and pretty much everything in the latest Seventeen Magazine. Last week when I visited Forever 21, I found myself loving everything I saw.

I need some serious help.

I still need to go back to school shopping. Hopefully when I do, I’ll go to school looking like I just stepped out of the Forever 21 catalog:D (is there even a catalog?) I can’t believe I didn’t buy that much clothes in the Philippines… Clothes are a lot cheaper there. Silly  me.

I am currently obsessing over these…

Forever 21's Pink Floral Shirt

Forever 21’s Strappy Suedette Ankle Boots
Forever21’s Knotted Strappy Sandals
Macy’s V-Neck Cardi
Forever 21’s French Terry Jacket
Macy’s Carpenter Denim Jacket
Macy’s Faux Leather Belted Bomber
Macy’s LA Kitty Jacket

Forever 21's Linen Jacket

So yeah… Totally LOVING Forever and Macy’s right now…

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

7 Aug

I recently went to SanFran with my FamBam (HA! How’d that happen?:p) and me and my little sister were the only kids there. Everyone had cameras (naturally), but they were the professional looking ones. It just made me want one even more. So I snagged my dad’s Canon PowerShot G11 and kept it all to myself for the rest of the day.

Despite the freezing cold weather, I just had fun experimenting with the different settings on the camera, taking pictures of everything in sight. We went to the Golden Gate park and stumbled across this beautiful flower garden where my uncle and I just circled around taking pictures of the pretty flowers.

My little sister, Bel, is also a fun target to photograph as well:D

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7 Aug

He is SOOO gorgeous. If only he could talk<33


6 Aug

I’m not really sure when my interest in photography started. Photography has been around me my whole life; my uncle is a professional photographer and every single member of my family own their own camera.

What I love about photography is because simply it’s an awesome way of expressing yourself. Pictures can have minds of their own; they can make you feel happy, sad or even make you laugh. I especially love the dramatic ones- the ones that are taken at unsual angles and cool lighting.

I want one of those cool big cameras… the kind that you can manually focus and zoom by twisting the lense. The ones that you have to look through the viewfinder to take the picture instead of simply pointing and shooting. The ones that take AMAZING pictures.

Unfortunately for me, I am still very new to this kind of stuff- I don’t know the differences between the different cameras or different brands. There are a bunch of buttons on those cameras that I don’t know the function of. But I DO want to learn!

I do remember my grandfather telling me in 8th grade that if I kept my grades up, he’d buy me a small Canon camera. I managed to graduate middle school and survive my first year of high school with a 4.0 gpa :p

Check out my uncle Rikki’s website! He takes awesome pictures:D

Well here’s a small archive of my amateur pictures taken on ordinary point and shoot camera(:

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